How To Make The Quick Pickled Red Onions At Home: An Ultimate Guide
Sep 04, 2023 By Cassandra Bailey

Many of us like the street-style tacos, salads, and sandwiches because of the quick pickled red onions. Undoubtedly, the pickled onions add a zesty tang to the food. So, if you are missing their flavor, why not try homemade quick pickled red onions? You can pickle at home from just a few ingredients in less than 10 minutes.

To make the pickled onions, first, simmer the vinegar mixture. Once the mixture is ready, slice the onions, but ensure they are thin enough. After that, combine the onion slices and vinegar mixture and heat it for 30 minutes. That’s it, and the pickle is ready to be served.

The red onion pickles, with their sweet and salty taste, are a perfect addition to any of your meals in this summer season. So, why not learn to make quick pickled onions and enjoy them with every meal?

Homemade Quick Pickled Red Onions: An Easy Recipe

Before heading towards the pickled red onion recipe, why not have a look over the ingredients needed to prepare the pickled onions:

Red onions:

You will need two small-sized or one large-sized onion, which should be sliced thin. If you have a mandoline, that would be of great help here. But, if you don’t have one, slice the onions with a chef’s knife.


A pinch of salt will be needed to bring the flavor out of the onions.


When selecting the vinegar, you get multiple options, such as white vinegar, rice vinegar, red wine vinegar, or apple cider vinegar. All of these, the apple cider vinegar tastes sweeter and better.


Most people prefer white granulated sugar for making the pickles. Also, you can add natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, or agave.


To make the brine, you will need a small amount of water. If you like mild-flavored onions, add the warm water.

Best-Pickled Onions Recipe Explained

Below are the detailed instructions you will be following while making the pickled onions:

Step 1: Simmering The Mixture

First, mix the salt, water, sweetener, and vinegar with any additional seasonings you need. Then, simmer this mixture in the microwave oven or stovetop.

Step 2: Slicing The Onions

As the vinegar mixture is ready to be used, slice the onions. But ensure that they are thin. Here, you can use a mandoline or a knife per your needs.

Step 3: Mixing Onions And Vinegar Mixture

Add thinly sliced onions and vinegar mixture to a mason jar. Shake the jar for a few minutes after covering it up. It will mix up all the five ingredients perfectly. Then, let the mixture rest for 30 minutes. But ensure that the onions are submerged in the mixture completely.

Step 4: Pickle Is Ready To Be Served

That is all; your pickle is ready to be served. Enjoy it with your meal, sandwiches, or anything you want.

Quick Pickled Red Onions: Tips You Need To Know

If you want to make the pickles just as perfectly as you eat in restaurants, here are a few tips for you from our side:

  • Always ensure that the slices of the onions are thing about 1/8 inches. So, use a sharp knife to slice the onions. The thin onions get soft quickly and absorb a good amount of vinegar. But, if the onions are thick, getting ready will take a few hours to a day.
  • Natural sweeteners (maple syrup or honey) add more flavor to the pickle. The pickle will be pungent without any sweetener, so always add the sweetener to get a balanced flavor.
  • If you don’t prefer the apple cider vinegar alone, you can use a mixture of distilled and apple cider vinegar. It will make the pickle more delicious. You can also use apple cider or distilled vinegar alone, depending on your taste.

Where Are Quick Pickled Red Onions Used?

The red pickled onions not only add flavor but color to your food. So, if you have a jar of pickled onions, serve them with:

  • Salad: You can enjoy the pickled onions with grilled potato salad or roasted cauliflower salad.
  • Burger: Whether you have a veggie burger, black bean burger, or falafel burger, don’t forget to have pickled onions with them to enjoy their amazing flavors.
  • Sandwiches: The pickled onions combine with avocado toast, chickpea shawarma, and egg salad.
  • Mexican Dishes: The Mexican dishes are incomplete without these pickled onions. So, if you have sweet potatoes or veggie tacos on your plate, don’t forget to add these pickled salads.
  • Other Option: You can enjoy the pickled onions with various other dishes like black beans, rice, mango, cauliflower rice, grain bowl, or with your favorite veggies.

How Can You Store The Quick Pickled Red Onions?

The pickled onions are served with a variety of dishes such as sandwiches, salads, or tacos; it is because these pickles taste so delicious. Therefore, if you are planning a party, you can make the pickled onions ahead and store them,

Put the pickle in a nonreactive sealed container jar and place it in the refrigerator. You can store the pickles for one month, but it would be best to have them within 2 to 3 days; otherwise, the onions will become soft after the first week.


The quick pickled red onions can be made from a handful of ingredients in less than 10 minutes; you only need to simmer the vinegar mixture. Then, slice the onions either with a knife or mandoline.

Then, combine everything and heat the mixture for 30 minutes. That’s it; the pickle is ready to be served. There are so many options to customize your pickle. You can choose different seasonings or keep the onions thick if you love their crunchy texture.


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